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Building a School

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I have added a group of photos dated between 1941-1946, chronicling before the Pleasant Hill School before and after the 1943 fire. You can find the series of photos on the Omeka website that I put together, Building a School.

Also, now that spring is around the corner, I am planning to take back up the Cemetery Project and start adding photos to the names on the list of residents at the Oakwood Cemetery. This is going to take a while, but will be well worth the wait.

Again, if you have anything to share about Pleasant Hill, Iowa, please contact the Library at 515.266.7815.

Oakwood Cemetery

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I have added a list of residents of the Oakwood Cemetery here. As time goes on, I will add photos of the tombstones, but that will not be until the weather improves, (-4 right now as I type this). A big thank you goes out to Crystal Parsons, Public Works Administrator, Cemetery Department, City of Pleasant Hill. She did all of the hard work gathering and verifying everyone at the cemetery.

Will be adding some more documents in February/March, and as always, contact the Library at 515.266.7815 or at, if you have anything for us.


Thank you,

Brian Delk

More Photos Added…

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I have uploaded some more photos to the site. These photos were donated to use by Phil Hildebrand and Martha Miller and family. It was also pointed out to me that the site is rather confusing to navigate. To fix this, I made the links open to new pages on your web browser. I think why this site may be confusing is because I am actually using two web sites. One to handle this blog page and act as a gateway to the site that houses the scanned documents. I chose to it this way so more information or meta-data can be shared about the photos.

Coming up sometime this fall will be a list of residents at the Oakwood Cemetery. My eventual goal is to have a virtual tour of the cemetery, but that will be quite an undertaking. Until then, Take Care. Brian

Silver Celebration 1981

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I am old enough to remember this day. At the time my dad was helping organize this event. He gave me a coin and told me not to say anything about it. The idea was to have a person come up to me and ask if I had the Commemorative Coin and then I would say yes I am one of the mystery people who had a coin and then hand them the coin. Well, it was not all that grand, but you get the point. I went through the celebration not being asked by anyone, until the very end when a girl half my age, marched up to me and asked if I had the Commemorative Coin. I said yes and presented her with the coin. I have a sneaky feeling that I was given up by one of the town elders, but I can not prove that. Here are a few photos from that event.

If you have any more that you would like to add, please call the library.

Small update

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I have added an advertisement from a 1984 Lee Town News newspaper. In big bold letters citizens of Pleasant Hill were encouraged to call their Councilmen and tell them to vote No! for the proposed gravel pit. I do not remember how that particular vote went, but eventually a gravel pit went in across from the proposed site. Another gravel pit was built a mile away on Hwy 163; it is now a central part of the Copper Creek neighborhood.

I have also uploaded a  picture  of the old city hall and fire station. I will be working on some photos from the Silver Anniversary celebration soon. If there is anything that you have that can be posted let us know. You can call the Pleasant Hill Library at 515.266.7815.

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Two Newspaper Articles

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I have added two newspaper articles to the Omeka site, which can be accessed through the Pleasant Hill pages. The first story is from a 1946 article featuring the new brick school house and lower taxes. The second article from 1964, is about how Pleasant Hill has grown since it’s incorporation in 1956.

As always, please contact the library with any questions or comments. The good people at the library can be reached at (515) 262-9368, or email at

“Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery”

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This quote from Charles Caleb Colton is how I currently feel. Why is that you ask? Last month ago I received in the mail the latest edition of Iowa Living Magazine, the Pleasant Hill Edition. The cover story headline was “Looking Back, Moving Forward.” Sound familiar? They used the same headline as the opening banner of this website. Now, maybe it was coincidence. There may be some other site out there that was using that same Tagline that I came up with saying that I copied them. Maybe, but I doubt it.

I have waited awhile before I typed this up so that I could choose my wording wisely. If they did not copy me then my apologies and all I have done is wasted some screen space. If they did take my tagline and used it for their cover story, then credit should be given to this site. I believe everything on this site is free and open for the public to use, but, just like I learned in Journalism 101, list your sources.

In other news, I will be adding some more to the site latter in the month. Hopefully I can teach a few people at the library how to do some of this, so that even more can be published. As always, feel free to contact the Library with any questions or comments.


More is being added

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I am starting to add some more photos to the site. There is one photo that is the just completed brick school building from 1945. Another is of Kathrine Holt. If you have any photos that you would like to contribute, please contact the Pleasant Hill Library at (515)266-7815. Every little bit will help.


Update, Links working,

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After a few false starts, the site is now coming together. As previously mentioned, the 25th Anniversary Publication: Energy Source Book was made into an HTML document; that can now be found here. The rest of site is now complete with all of the links working correctly. I made the executive decision to house the scanned photos and documents off site and on a server hosted at They have the resources, among other things, for displaying photos and documents with search tags built into their site. Since I am not a programmer, this made perfect since.

As of right now, I have only upload two pdf files that are associated with the Mutual Protective Association and two photos that showed some of the school children of Youngstown. They can be found here. More will be coming shortly, including a 1969 phone book and some parade photos. As always, your comments are always welcomed. Brian

In The Beginning

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This project started with an introduction. Several years ago I saw John at Pleasant Hill Elementary School promoting the library. We did not know one another, and I felt it was high time to change that. I introduced myself and proceeded to pitch my thoughts on a website devoted to the history of Pleasant Hill. Little did I know that he was thinking along those same lines. And so it began.


The first task was to recreate the Pleasant Hill Silver Celebration Edition book that was first published in 1981, for the web. With that done, John and I moved onto forming a plan that would encompass the entire history of the area, previously known as Youngstown and later changed to Pleasant Hill. We are currently gathering photos, documents, newspaper clippings and pamphlets that are connected to the Pleasant Hill area. We would like to also include stories, either written or electronic, about the growth and development of Pleasant Hill.

As I mentioned this is a slow process. I am currently scanning and tagging photos and booklets. I will post here on the blog when there is an update. If anyone would like to share their photos or stories, please contact us at Until then, thank you.