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Silver Celebration 1981

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I am old enough to remember this day. At the time my dad was helping organize this event. He gave me a coin and told me not to say anything about it. The idea was to have a person come up to me and ask if I had the Commemorative Coin and then I would say yes I am one of the mystery people who had a coin and then hand them the coin. Well, it was not all that grand, but you get the point. I went through the celebration not being asked by anyone, until the very end when a girl half my age, marched up to me and asked if I had the Commemorative Coin. I said yes and presented her with the coin. I have a sneaky feeling that I was given up by one of the town elders, but I can not prove that. Here are a few photos from that event.

If you have any more that you would like to add, please call the library.

“Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery”

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This quote from Charles Caleb Colton is how I currently feel. Why is that you ask? Last month ago I received in the mail the latest edition of Iowa Living Magazine, the Pleasant Hill Edition. The cover story headline was “Looking Back, Moving Forward.” Sound familiar? They used the same headline as the opening banner of this website. Now, maybe it was coincidence. There may be some other site out there that was using that same Tagline that I came up with saying that I copied them. Maybe, but I doubt it.

I have waited awhile before I typed this up so that I could choose my wording wisely. If they did not copy me then my apologies and all I have done is wasted some screen space. If they did take my tagline and used it for their cover story, then credit should be given to this site. I believe everything on this site is free and open for the public to use, but, just like I learned in Journalism 101, list your sources.

In other news, I will be adding some more to the site latter in the month. Hopefully I can teach a few people at the library how to do some of this, so that even more can be published. As always, feel free to contact the Library with any questions or comments.