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Building a School

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I have added a group of photos dated between 1941-1946, chronicling before the Pleasant Hill School before and after the 1943 fire. You can find the series of photos on the Omeka website that I put together, Building a School.

Also, now that spring is around the corner, I am planning to take back up the Cemetery Project and start adding photos to the names on the list of residents at the Oakwood Cemetery. This is going to take a while, but will be well worth the wait.

Again, if you have anything to share about Pleasant Hill, Iowa, please contact the Library at 515.266.7815.

Oakwood Cemetery

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I have added a list of residents of the Oakwood Cemetery here. As time goes on, I will add photos of the tombstones, but that will not be until the weather improves, (-4 right now as I type this). A big thank you goes out to Crystal Parsons, Public Works Administrator, Cemetery Department, City of Pleasant Hill. She did all of the hard work gathering and verifying everyone at the cemetery.

Will be adding some more documents in February/March, and as always, contact the Library at 515.266.7815 or at, if you have anything for us.


Thank you,

Brian Delk

In The Beginning

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This project started with an introduction. Several years ago I saw John at Pleasant Hill Elementary School promoting the library. We did not know one another, and I felt it was high time to change that. I introduced myself and proceeded to pitch my thoughts on a website devoted to the history of Pleasant Hill. Little did I know that he was thinking along those same lines. And so it began.


The first task was to recreate the Pleasant Hill Silver Celebration Edition book that was first published in 1981, for the web. With that done, John and I moved onto forming a plan that would encompass the entire history of the area, previously known as Youngstown and later changed to Pleasant Hill. We are currently gathering photos, documents, newspaper clippings and pamphlets that are connected to the Pleasant Hill area. We would like to also include stories, either written or electronic, about the growth and development of Pleasant Hill.

As I mentioned this is a slow process. I am currently scanning and tagging photos and booklets. I will post here on the blog when there is an update. If anyone would like to share their photos or stories, please contact us at Until then, thank you.