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Building a School

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I have added a group of photos dated between 1941-1946, chronicling before the Pleasant Hill School before and after the 1943 fire. You can find the series of photos on the Omeka website that I put together, Building a School.

Also, now that spring is around the corner, I am planning to take back up the Cemetery Project and start adding photos to the names on the list of residents at the Oakwood Cemetery. This is going to take a while, but will be well worth the wait.

Again, if you have anything to share about Pleasant Hill, Iowa, please contact the Library at 515.266.7815.

More is being added

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I am starting to add some more photos to the site. There is one photo that is the just completed brick school building from 1945. Another is of Kathrine Holt. If you have any photos that you would like to contribute, please contact the Pleasant Hill Library at (515)266-7815. Every little bit will help.


Update, Links working,

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After a few false starts, the site is now coming together. As previously mentioned, the 25th Anniversary Publication: Energy Source Book was made into an HTML document; that can now be found here. The rest of site is now complete with all of the links working correctly. I made the executive decision to house the scanned photos and documents off site and on a server hosted at They have the resources, among other things, for displaying photos and documents with search tags built into their site. Since I am not a programmer, this made perfect since.

As of right now, I have only upload two pdf files that are associated with the Mutual Protective Association and two photos that showed some of the school children of Youngstown. They can be found here. More will be coming shortly, including a 1969 phone book and some parade photos. As always, your comments are always welcomed. Brian